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Consultancy Services

Consultancy and training

Our team have a more than 20 years experience in international academic research activity, development and testing of innovative methodologies and instruments in the field of sensors for monitoring of civil structures.

We know how important the updating, support and cooperation on projects, methodologies and technologies are. That is why we provide our costumers firstly our experience and know-how along with the various products and services of our portfolio.

Specifically, we offer consultancy services in the following fields:


  • Infrastructures management systems
  • Dynamic identification and control of structures
  • Design and management of structural monitoring systems
  • Technology transfer, implementation and transposition of academic research results
  • Seismic analysis and advanced design of structures
  • Technical and scientific divulgation.

Structural monitoring


Structural monitoring plays and increasingly important role in civil engineering, generating great interest and concentrating major investments in research and development.

We strongly believe in the potential of smart structures, real smart buildings that are able to communicate in real time the damage (and its extent), usability and safety of the structure. This allows the interventions to be timely, targeted and with minimum risk.

We provide skills and know how in designing and structural monitoring management stages, acting in particular in the following areas:


  • Design of monitoring systems
  • Mediation between client and supplier of hardware components
  • Supply of system management software
  • Installation of monitoring systems
  • Data analysis and processing
  • Structural reliability assessment
  • Elaboration of periodic reports




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