Real time monitoring activity
collecting data from “smart” sensors
and a web platform

Smart sensors

“Smart” sensors are placed at precise locations in the building. Data are then transmitted to the central system for processing

Multi platform

The manager of the building can be connected to the platform from desktop, tablet or smartphone

Real time monitoring

The platform shows real-time data about the condition of the building following an earthquake

Safety improvement.

Real time to keep everything under control.

Safequake is a monitoring system developed by I-Kubed in order to detect the damages that a building might have suffered as a consequence of an earthquake. It is helps to decide whether or not people may be allowed to enter a building following a non destructive earthquake. Safequake supplies the data needed to establish whether a building has suffered structural damages. In case of damages, Safequake will help to plan the necessary repair before activity can be resumed.

How it works

The system is made of a network of sensors placed on the key points of the building and connected to a central unit which processes the information and generates an output for those concerned. The central unit can manage the data of a number of buildings, thus providing insight on the overall seismic intensity in the area and the seismic vulnerability of all the buildings under monitoring and also of the area at large.

Safequake allows to monitor the status of the structure from anywhere, via pc, smartphone or tablet.Furthermore, in the event of significant events or situations of danger, the manager of the building is notified directly via SMS or through the application itself.


  • Increased safety: the system helps to assess the effects of an earthquake on a building and provides information about the state of damage and of possible danger to the structure and its occupants.
  • Alert system
  • The installation of alert tools is possible if signs of danger are detected by the system. This will allow to take the best action required in a given emergency.

Status of the project

Safequake is property of I-Kubed Srl and it has been tested at length in the laboratories of the Faculty of Civil Engeneering of Trento University. Following the tests it has been installed in some school buildings in the Trento Province. The development of the project is planned to be as follows:

  1. Year 2015 - further installation on public buildings;
  2. Year 2016 - installations in private buildings. In this cases, a smaller number of sensors will be needed;
  3. Year 2017: Safequake to be made available to market;